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We visualize
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MOJ & Partners is a hospitality service provider that makes its clients more successful through data-driven management.

We strengthen your business from
a solid foundation to the top

Together, we reduce complexity by navigating you through the data deluge. Beyond technical means, our decades of industry experience allow us to filter out what is essential from condensed information and draw the necessary conclusions. We ask the right, crucial questions, and help you find answers.

Together, we increase accuracy and transparency by providing the important information at the right time. This leads to the main goals, which are to make it easier to you and to sustainably improve operating results at all levels. This goes far beyond financial goals, but also helps to increase employee and guest satisfaction, for example.

Together, we increase competence by regularly providing your management and all decision makers with the most significant KPIs and targeted results. Some will learn about important financial and commercial subjects along the way. But all will be enabled to achieve ambitious goals in the first place.

For hoteliers who share our vision and see the added value of this approach, we are permanently valuable partners.

Sustainable impact
on your company's development

Around the world, there is an irreversible trend: the financial assessment that sustainable action is also reflected in positive company figures - especially because customers are increasingly attaching importance to it. Instead of pure profit maximization, what is known as environmental social governance (ESG) is gaining ground.

This development is also becoming increasingly apparent in the hotel industry. Our approach of data-driven management is the linchpin for being able to consistently introduce and implement ESG methods.

We make a critical contribution to ensuring that these three core topics develop within your company in a positive and sustainable manner:


You can only say with certainty whether your customers are satisfied and employees are happy if you have meaningful data and information to back this up. We help you with the right data collection and how to develop strategies that get you ready for customers and employees of the future.


Financial stability isn't everything, but without financial stability, everything is nothing. The great efforts that the entire workforce puts forth day in and day out must pay off economically in the end. We assist decision makers and managers to create the basic conditions for economic sustainability.


More and more hotels are positioning themselves as particularly environmentally friendly. Whether or not your hotel is marketing this approach, it pays off to know your environmental footprint. Starting with an analysis of your energy consumption, you have a wide range of options to influence. We support you in making sure that adjustments to ecological requirements also pay off economically.

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