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We see what
others cannot see

With our analytical tools Health Check and Compass, we uncover new opportunities to increase value.

In every hotel, every restaurant – or generally any business within the hospitality industry, there is more to find than the operator, owner, and investor have typically discovered until now. They simply need the right tools to bring the potential to the forefront.

Health Check

Within five days, we gain a 360° overview and a 100% perspective. Following an entire Health Check, we will have reviewed all areas of your business and be able to derive strategies.

Finance & Values Internal Procedures Health Check Market & Clients Innovation & Know-How

The results of the Health Check fulfill two requirements: First, they are measurable. By allowing our experts to assess the results from a data-driven, analytical perspective, we can then align with benchmarks. Secondly, they allow for a current state vs. future state comparison. With these data, we can illustrate developments within your business over an extended period and also measure them versus market data.

Your benefit: Following the Health Check, you will know how your business measures up to your expectations and the competition. In addition, this clear status analysis yields the necessary entry point for optimization. What direction do you plan to take your business in and what will it take to get there? Working with you based on the obtained analysis, we will define realistic goals to increase value and get your business ready for the future.

Clear diagnostics, clearly spelled out.
Better yesterday than today.


Health Check completed? Now you have the fact-based results in front of you. Innovative and industry-standard key performance indicators as well as clearly stated goals and objectives. As a decision-maker you now face the challenge of always keeping this knowledge base up to date and not losing sight of anything. For exactly that purpose we developed Compass.

Compass consolidates your business's key performance indicators – completely analyzed and summarized in a reader-friendly dashboard format.

Your benefit: You can check the KPIs at any time. You have full transparency and can immediately react as soon as your operation deviates from the course. You can choose between our hotel standard Compass or a tailor-made solution, customized to meet the specific and individual needs of your business.

Determining the correct data to analyze is an art.
Being able to translate those data into action, even more so.

What you should expect from us

What you do not need is a consulting firm that is afraid to get their hands dirty or to state the mere facts. Our goal is to provide first-class assessment, exceed your expectations, expose weaknesses and prescribe the right kind of solution to ensure future success.

Professional excellence
and commercial know-how

We promise to systematically look at your entire operation from all angles, including from your guests' perspective. Because our customers are passionate hoteliers and often think that the untapped potential lies in the product itself, they nearly always overlook the hidden potential in the structure and the books. That is why we pride ourselves on seeing what others cannot see.

Pleasant and
unpleasant truth

We tell you what you really need to hear, the truth. Yes-men and others who simply try to stroke your ego will not help you advance. Only honest recommendations, will enable you to bring about the change required to make your operation a success and keep it that way. We support your drive to achieve improvements with comprehensive feedback on strengths and weaknesses by applying positive, constructive change.

Consulting on structure
and organization

Our recommendations go beyond suggesting merely investing more. Throwing money at something is often cheap advice. We know from experience that value creation will be achieved through cost-effective adaptations to the structure and organization. These adjustments are the ones that create the financial leeway to be able to invest in your business's future.

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