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The 1A-Team

MOJ & Partners combines great expertise in hospitality, finance and data analytics. Financial stability is not everything, but without financial stability everything is nothing.

Our international and interdisciplinary experience in various hospitality operations and organizations is the prerequisite for us to quickly understand you and your individual challenges and to develop needs-oriented solutions.

Alexander Moj

Founder & Managing Director

My wealth of experience in the hotel industry spans more than three decades, both in operations and corporate headquarters as well as working with owners. For example, I was managing the Sofitels in Munich and Vienna and evaluated a large number of hotels as business analyst at Accor. I gained my first experiences in hotels like the Kempinski Vier Jahreszeiten Munich or the Ritz in Paris. Equipped with my ESSEC/Cornell Masters degree, I then travelled through more than 25 countries in Europe, North America, Africa and the Middle East and analyzed, evaluated or managed more than 100 hotels myself.

I know the daily routine of hotels and have gained a lot of experience with success factors, but also stumbling blocks in our industry. Because hotels today more than ever need alternatives, I have worked with my partners on solutions that we offer you with conviction.

Thomas Prähauser

Partner & Head of Analytics

I love numbers and like to find solutions. With a profile like that, a hotel career almost inevitably leads to finance and controlling. That was also the case for me. After I first worked in all operational departments in the hotel and catering industry, I switched to accounting. I got to know the private hotel business when I was appointed managing director of an operating company under commercial law. Later, I was drawn to a renowned, international 5-star hotel, where I helped to achieve ambitious goals as financial director and was successfully responsible for budget monitoring for renovation projects.

My greatest strength lies in being able to derive concrete operational recommendations from pure figures. I put this ability to work for you as the lead controller at MOJ & Partners.

Christian von Grawert-May

Founding Angel & Head of Innovation

I see something that you cannot see, like in Eye Spy – for me it has always been more than a game. I love to find patterns, opportunities and risks that remain hidden to others, especially when it comes to finances. This is why I dedicated my studies to this field. I started with corporate and venture finance, then turned to capital markets as well as derivatives and risk management. As a database specialist, I am proficient in various programming languages. Applying my wide set of analytical skills, I have been successful as an independent consultant for various international companies. With MOJ & Partners, I will use these skills to provide a different view into your data.

As a client of MOJ & Partners, you are going to benefit from my innovative and fresh outside view of the hotel industry, my comprehension of processes and data as well as my knowledge on financial instruments, which will establish new options for you.

Our partner network

Leverage our network.
We rely on them too.

If after reviewing the data and conducting further joint analyses we come to the conclusion that you need support from industry experts, we offer you access to our extensive partner network. In this network, you will find experts for a wide range of challenges facing hoteliers: revenue management, online distribution, staff management, spa operations, hotel real estate specialists and operator search, to name a few. Valuable niche knowledge that will help you move forward.

Partner Quality

When we suggest an expert from the MOJ & Partners network, we know about their proven competencies. However, it is crucial that you feel comfortable with the assignment because you are the client working with the expert. We are simply happy to know that you are in the best hands.

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