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The 1A-Team

MOJ & Partners combines hoteliers, financial experts and big data analysts within an unbeatable team. We never take anything for face-value, but look deep within to find the best solution.

Do you know how the founders of MOJ & Partners met?

We worked together on a project. Lunch break came around. Nearby the offices was a canteen. The food was – well, awful... Many co-workers went there anyway. Not us. We were fully aligned on seeking a better option. And on accepting the longer way, the higher price and the extra time needed. It set the stage for interesting conversations and the development of a common idea for hotel consulting. As a side-effect, we found our corresponding philosophy: We are only satisfied with the very best.

Alexander Moj

Managing Director & Co-Founder

As a young man, I yearned to see distant places. Hence my career aspiration: Become a hotelier. As a hotelier, the world comes to visit you. Or you travel the globe to work in various hotels and cities. I have experienced both. During my years at hotels à la Vier Jahreszeiten, Ritz and the like, I learned to meet the expectations of discerning guests. Armed with my master's degree from ESSEC/Cornell, my career path as general manager, internal auditor, regional controller and business analyst brought me to over 25 different countries in Europe, North America, Africa and the Middle East. In all, I have analyzed or audited over 100 hotels and managed a couple of them.

After more than 25 years in the industry, I am an expert at these two things: First, eat well even in those places where at first sight there is nothing good to eat. And secondly, focus the strength of individuals on a common goal. That is exactly my aspiration when my partners and I stand by your side to ensure together that we reach your goals.

Alexander Gehlert

Head of Analytics & Co-Founder

I love numbers and I despise mistakes. Such traits ultimately led my hotel career path to finance and controlling. However, during more than two decades in hotel chains (Sheraton, Le Méridien, Dolce) as well as owner-operator run hotels (Monarch Bad Gögging, Schreiberhof Aschheim, INFINITY Unterschleißheim), I always sought challenges that went beyond the daily operations. That is how I gained experience in pre-openings, openings, performed due diligence reviews and a turnaround management project.

My greatest strength lies within my ability to draw specific practical and understandable recommendations from pure numbers. I apply that capability for you in my role as head analyst with MOJ & Partners.

Christian von Grawert-May

Head of Innovation & Co-Founder

I see something that you cannot see, like in Eye Spy – for me it has always been more than a game. I love to find patterns, opportunities and risks that remain hidden to others, especially when it comes to finances. This is why I dedicated my studies to this field. I started with corporate and venture finance, then turned to capital markets as well as derivatives and risk management. As a database specialist, I am proficient in various programming languages. Applying my wide set of analytical skills, I have been successful as an independent consultant for various international companies. With MOJ & Partners, I will use these skills to provide a different view into your data.

As a client of MOJ & Partners, you are going to benefit from my innovative and fresh outside view of the hotel industry, my comprehension of processes and data as well as my knowledge on financial instruments, which will establish new options for you.

Our partner network

Leverage our network.
We rely on them too.

If following a Health Check and further analysis we conclude that you require support from specific industry experts, we will give you access to our wide-ranging partner network. Within this network, you will find experts in all disciplines that a hotelier may need. These include revenue management, online distribution, marketing, spa management, experts in hotel real estate and operator search as well as many other fields. They can provide niche experiences that can prove valuable to you.

Partner Quality Guarantee

When we connect you with an expert from the MOJ & Partners network, we are not going to simply make the introduction and walk away. We remain your primary contact and accompany the work of the specialist until you are fully satisfied. Guaranteed.

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