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As an operator, owner or investor of a hotel, you want to know whether your business is operationally and commercially ready for the future. We provide the answers to these hard questions that can take your business to the next level.

Operators &
Owner-Operated Hotels

Do you host your guests with all your heart and soul? Are you fully dedicated to your guests with a high level of appreciation and care? Excellent! You already do one of the most important parts to operating your business successfully. However, simply focusing on this key aspect can often lead to overlooking and neglecting critical areas. If you are asking yourself these questions below, then we should talk.

What are the challenges that I don't get to, simply because of a lack of time? What are the challenges that I may not even be aware of? Are any of them a threat to my business's future? Are there opportunities for growth and savings in my business that I am not exploiting?

Project consulting

The answers to these valid questions are provided through our Health Check. We will carefully examine the entire scope of your business, provide you with a complete overview of your current business performance and recommend a concrete and practical course of action. We may also support you with the implementation of these recommendations. Learn more about our Health Check.

Hotel Property Owners

You have a clear vision for your properties. However, it is not you who is implementing this vision, but an operator. Maybe, maybe not. As the owner of a hotel property you cannot be 100% certain where the hotel stands under the leadership of the operational management. You frequently find yourself asking questions that we can answer for you:

Is the information that I receive about the hotel satisfactory in terms of quality and accuracy? Is the hotel being managed in full accordance with the contract? Does the operator take advantage of the hotel's full potential? What are the risks the operator may not sufficiently inform me about?

Asset Management

Count on our expertise and persistence towards the operator to receive the answers to these and other questions you may have. In the process, we make use of our self-developed analytical tools, Health Check and Compass. Have MOJ & Partners represent you as an asset manager and you will ask yourself only one more question: "why had I not done this much earlier?"

Investors and financial institutions

You are about to invest in a hotel or to acquire one? You should be performing an operational audit and obtaining an independent second opinion, so that you can benchmark and contrast your findings with your own team's analysis. Or a different scenario: You have granted a credit to a hotel operator, now unable to meet the obligations. You now require a hotel expert who can offer a status assessment, make recommendations, and give a sound perspective of the situation and potentially identify opportunities.

Both are challenging scenarios that require extensive hotel experience beyond the pure analysis of numbers. We know what you are preoccupied with:

Is this property worth the investment and the asking price? What has caused the financial distress? Do I require a new operator? Is there a need for a turnaround plan?

Due Dilligence / Operational Audit

The Health Check developed by MOJ & Partners provides a detailed overview in terms of value and performance of the property. In addition, we are at your disposal providing further industry expertise from our network of specialists. For example, when it comes to finding a new operator.

Thanks to MOJ & Partners an operational audit and a due diligence project in the hotel industry becomes a transparent process.

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