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All within sight,
all under control.

Even the most experienced hoteliers cannot have their eyes everywhere. Especially owner-operated businesses that often lack a controller. The consequence: risks remain undetected, potentials unused. Financial Controlling as a Service (FCaaS) fills those gaps.

Who is FCaaS intended for?

For those companies that want to reinforce their controlling. FCaaS by MOJ & Partners supplants an in-house head of finance. Our service offer includes standard controlling tasks such as strategic planning, variance analysis and risk management. At the same time, it offers valuable suggestions on how to optimize revenue streams, as well as practical hints on project management and implementation.

How does FCaaS work?

Your operation and the existing team remain unchanged.

    MOJ & Partners …
  • complements the existing team.
  • interacts with management about results and priorities on a regular basis.
  • utilizes reports from market-leader Fairmas for analytical purposes.
  • offers flexible add-on services beyond just controlling upon request.

How much does FCaaS cost?

That depends on the extent of support you need – see below. But rest assured: The costs are far below those of hiring your own controller, and represent only a fraction of the untapped potential for company earnings.

Your individual FCaaS options

No two hotels are alike. That is why different types of controlling services are needed. Choose the service package that suits you and your operation.

FCaaS – Basic

Intended to provide reporting & tips

  • monthly financial reports
  • monthly Compass, standardized version
  • annual presentation, incl. project recommendations

FCaaS – Premium

Intended to drive performance

  • monthly financial reports & variance analysis
  • monthly Compass, tailor-made
  • two quarterly reviews via conference call
  • one half-year review on site
  • one full balance sheet review and a follow-up review
  • preparation of an annual budget together with the management team
  • annual presentation, incl. project recommendations
  • defining priorities to optimize results
  • project moderation – continuous verification of status quo
  • MOJ & Partners regularly share market insight and news

FCaaS – Premium Plus

Intended to provide all-around service and optimization

  • all services associated with FCaaS Premium, additionally:
  • strategic controlling
  • macro- and micro-economic subjects and analyses
  • market reports and stress testing
  • continuous company valuation

Respectively included

Use of hotel specific financial reports from market leader Fairmas

Respectively excluded

Interfacing systems to Fairmas reporting (charged based on time and effort)

No matter the package: Our standard is to provide tailor-made consulting and service. That is why we will always adapt the service package chosen to the specific requirements of your business. Explain your needs to us in a personal exchange. In order to best prepare what your situation requires, completing our Health Check is the most effective method – which has many advantages.

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