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Our promise

We achieve a sustainable increase of your hotel's economic success through data-driven management.

Success in hospitality

Hotels are places of dreams and aspirations, and the hospitality industry thrives on people who make them come true. Those who are particularly successful are those who are able to respond to their guests and their wishes in a relaxed manner - and ultimately know how to translate this into economic success. We have your back so that you can achieve exactly that.

Without data, you are just
another guy with an opinion.

This quote from William Edwards Deming, a pioneer in quality management, reflects exactly what we are completely convinced of and what is already common practice in other industries. Namely, data-driven management.

Reduce complexity We tame the data and systems jungle,filtering out what is really valuable. Increase accuracy We make your life easier by providing theinformation that matters in a timely manner. Increase competence We empower the management toachieve your ambitious goals.
We strengthen your business,
from a solid foundation all the way to the top.

We always keep an eye on the sustainable impact on your company's development. Be ready for customers and employees of the future. Create economic stability as a basic requirement. And face up to the ecological demands that require adjustments.


We make sure that sustainability and economic efficiency remain in balance.

MOJ & Partners has helped us prepare our numbers, which allows us to better engage department managers, for example. As we continue to use our data for business management, they are a valuable and competent partner.
Managing Director
Brauereigasthof Hotel Aying

From data jungle to clear decision making tools

More and more systems and data lead to ever-increasing complexity. These digital structures must be tamed. We ensure transparency and an overview thanks to intuitive dashboards and regular analyses by experienced experts. We will not leave you by yourself handling this.

Get the most out of all your data. Thanks to our interface expertise, all systems and data sets are integrated.

Single Source of Data & Truth
(intelligent software platform)
powered by

The keywords are real-time data through full automation – the prerequisites for comprehensive process dynamization as well as sales & cost optimization.

First of all, MOJ & Partners has decisively improved the timeliness and clarity of our reporting, and the same applies to our budgeting and forecasting. The conclusions we can now draw from the figures with their help are a valuable support, both for short-term and long-term decisions. We see Alexander Moj and his team as a valuable, long-term partner.
Christian Hollweck
General Manager
Brauereigasthof Hotel Aying

Solutions adapted
to your needs.

MOJ & Partners' solutions consist of two core components: D&A, Dashboards and Analytics. You get exactly the support you need from us. Whether you are just starting to really leverage your data or you are looking for fully automated real-time analytics.

Your basis for solid
business management
Complete analyses
for clear strategies
Real-time data
and full automation

Your roadmap:
This is how we increase your results

After the first two steps - taking inventory as well as derivation & implementation - the decisive milestones follow: optimization and increase in results. You can count on this sequence and time frame.

After approx. 3 months you can expect to achieve absolute clarity and gain an overview through the first reports. At the same time, optimization potentials will clearly show.

After 12 months at the very latest, you will notice clear increases in results, made possible by our accompanying support and the implementation of the conclusions we will have drawn together.

Thanks to MOJ & Partners, we have managed to establish financial accounting as an important source of data from the department managers' point of view. The exchange is now much more constructive, which also benefits the accuracy of the accounting figures.
Martina Singer
Head of Payroll and Financial Accounting
Brauerei Ayinger
Partner &
Head of Analytics
Christian von
Founding Angel &
Head of Innovation
Founding Partner &
Managing Director

MOJ & Partners.
By hoteliers, for hoteliers.

The team of MOJ & Partners combines hoteliers, financial experts and data analysts. All with different focuses, all with great expertise. We have a real treasure trove of experience from our time in hotels such as the Sofitels in New York, Vienna or Munich, the Fairmont Vier Jahreszeiten Hamburg, The Grand Amsterdam, Das Stue in Berlin and many others - both branded and private hotels.

We are familiar with the industry's key figures down to the last detail. And our experience allows us to empathize with your challenges in order to implement suitable solutions with you.

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